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                                                   February 14, 2001


MAADAC  Region IV- VI  Celebrates Women in Recovery with Kattie Portis  -City of Boston, Substance Abuse Policy Advisor to The Mayor March 7th-   Please come to help plan April’s  Alcohol Awareness Activity- 4:15 PM, Atrium II,  Faulkner Hospital


Modern Assistance Program Addictions Counselor Ed Series Begins March  7,

7 PM, IBEW, Dorchester.  MAADAC is pleased to co-sponsor. Info: 617-774-0331


CORI Public Health Council  Rendezvous II –March 27th- Go!

The Public Health Council meeting is scheduled to deliberate the final CORI regulations on Tuesday, March 27th  at 10:00 AM.  On  January 19th, over 160 oral and written testimony were given against the current projected CORI regulation!  Good!  Please  spread your testimony  to other EOHHS agencies –Office of Community Correction Services, Department of Social Services, Department of Transitional Services, and Division of Rehabilitation. Info: Call Massachusetts Law Reform Institute-617-357-0700.


License for Alcohol and Drug Counselors Hearing Process Begins Soon

The DPH License for Alcohol and Drug Counselor Implementation Committee reviewed the fifth draft. Next: the regulation process calls for a Department of  Public Health Council Hearing review.  Pending outcome, two regional public hearings are scheduled. This is an opportunity to influence the process—support the draft or suggest alternatives. (Note: Please call me with any concerns.)  You may request a copy of the full draft from The DPH Bureau of Substance Services,  Michael Parks  at 617-624-5130.  The following is an interpretation of the draft proposal.

 hLADC Classification and Requirements –  Capsule

         LADC I –Masters Behavioral Science- 270 Hours of Alcohol and Drug Ed - 6000

           (3 years DPH approved full time work experience), 300 practicum hours, 

         LADC II- 270 Hours of Alcohol and Drug Ed - 6000 hours

  (3 years supervised full time work experience), 300 practicum hours,

         LADM-   (M=Manager), 20 Hours of approved continuing education, 16,000

                          hours (8 years supervised fulltime work experience)*, no practicum

  hours, *Less work experience may be substituted with more  education.

         LADCA- (A=Assistant)10 Hours of approved continuing education, 2,000 hours

                         (1 year supervised fulltime work experience), no practicum hours

         Note: All require exam.

hLADC Special Credentialing (Grandparenting)  Criteria-Capsule

    The Special Credentialing Process will waive only the exam criteria for one year, from

    date of  the LADC regulation. LADCI must have met the masters degree criteria or be

    enrolled in a masters program. LADC II requires no degree. DPH approved alcohol

    and drug counselor certification is one way of having met the other required criteria. 


hH2184 filed to broaden the  grandparenting criteria.  The criteria: Level I Masters- 270 hours AOD ed, 2 years fulltime experience or Bachelors - 270 hours AOD ed, 3 years experience or CCS-CADAC-CAC-CAS-CEAP or all DPH approved Clinical, Program, Executive Directors  or 5 years work experience  with  1 year as a clinical supervisor. Level II- 3 years working experience and 180 hours of AOD education. 


FYI about The LADC

 hLicensure is not a requirement to work as an alcohol and drug counselor.

 hThe LADC title may only be used by persons, who will have experienced the   

    Department of Public Health, authorized licensure process.


hMAADAC  Initiated:   H2191    An Act Authorizing Certain Licensed Alcohol and

                      Drug  Counselors  To Receive Certain Insurance Payments


Representatives:  Kevin Fitzgerald,  Elizabeth Malia, Martin Walsh, Vinny deMacedo,

Mary Jane Simmons, Robert Koczera, Louis Kafka, John Stefanini, Anne Paulsen, Kay Khan, Carol Donovan, Gloria Fox, Christine Canavan, Michael Cahill, William Galvin

Senators: James Jajuga,  Brian Lees,  Brian Joyce, Therese Murray, Charles Shannon

What This Bill Does:

This bill requires insurers to reimburse for the services of an Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Counselor I. Through insurance reimbursement, it will permit individuals and their

families who suffer from, or are affected by  alcohol and other drug abuse or addiction

to choose the human services professional skilled to treat their substance abuse.

What You can Do:

You can ask your elected your elected representative or senator  to ask their support for

H2191 to Insurance  Committee Chairs, Senator Therese Murray and Representative Ronald Mariano.  Letters should be sent to The State House, Boston, MA 02133.


Other Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Advocacy  for You:

S763/H2544  An Act to Provide Equitable Coverage for Substance Abuse,

 Info: David Matteodo, MA Association of Behavioral Health Systems, 617-855-3520.


H3364  A Treatment Diversion Act, expands categories of offenders eligible for treatment diversion under the 1981 Drug Dependent Persons Act. Call: Rob Stewart, 617-330-8777.


Bureau of Substance Abuse Services Line Item 4512-0200  enhancement by $200,000

for women with children, in transitional support, and in residential/recovery homes.Effort

developed by The Substance Abuse Budget Coalition. Call:MHSACM, 508-647-8385


Salary Increase for Counselors and Supervisors,  Call: MHSACM, 508-647-8385


Removal of  TANF and Food Stamp Disqualification for Persons with Drug Felony

Budget language provision that allows Massachusetts to opt out of  the federal TANF and food stamp disqualification  for anyone convicted of a  drug-related felony.  Info: Call MA Law reform Institute:   617-357-0700.

  See you March 7th- Maryanne Frangules-MAADAC President- 617-298-1262