Massachusetts Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors

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                                                 April 4, 2001


                         April is Alcohol Awareness Month  


National Alcohol Awareness Month focuses on underage drinking. To initiate the focus Congresswoman Roybal-Allard (California) is re-introducing a bill to assist the underage drinking campaign in the 107th Congress.  Underage drinking costs society over $58 billion per year. Even though underage drinking is prohibited in all fifty states, 10.4 million young people consume alcohol illegally starting, on average, at just 13 years of age. The consequences of underage drinking include increased prevalence of alcoholism, illegal drug use, crime, violence, and deaths or injuries due to drunk driving. The bill seeks to address this crisis by establishing a national media campaign -- based on the Office of National Drug Control Policy's successful Anti-Drug Media Campaign -- to educate youth and their parents about the dangers of underage drinking.  


MAADAC Joined with MOAR in Celebrating Alcohol Awareness Month, April 4th,

       with Kattie Portis,  Substance Abuse Policy Advisor to Mayor Menino

Kattie shared how Boston is addressing youth, alcohol, and other drug problems throughout the city from outreach to treatment. She shared the concerns of all the Boston communities, and is working towards a united neighborhood effort.  Kattie highlighted a Boston public cable access video production, Heroin’s Back.  It is a capsule demonstration of the draw for adolescents to use, the pain, and the recovery process. There is visable testimony from youth, policymakers, medical personnel, and criminal justice systems. MAADAC supports a united effort to address this significant issue. Attendees: Ray Hoitt, Julia Sheehan, Kim Holt, Jennifer Tripp, Connie Peters, Natalie Zaremba, Ellen Radis, Carol Carey, Greg Arsenault, John Frazier, Harvey Fleishman, Joe Kelleher, Susan DeColaines, Lisa Midwood, and Maryanne Frangules thanked Kattie!


MAADAC Announcements:

- MAADAC Website:

- MAADAC Golf Fundraiser, July 16th



- NAADAC  enlists  MA’s John Avery, as Government Relation Director. Great News!

- NAADAC Annual Conference----Portland, Oregon, May 23rd- 26th- Don’t miss it!    


Career Opportunities

  Noddles Island has open clinical positions. Call Merrill Frank, LICSW, 617-912-7500.


National Legislative Proposals:

 Fairness In Treatment Act filed by Senators Wellstone, Daschle, Rep Ramstad!

Senator Paul Wellstone (D-MN) and Congressman Jim Ramstad, (R-MN) were joined by Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) and a bipartisan group of members in both chambers, to take important first steps to introduce  legislation that would offer addiction treatment benefits in the same manner as all other medical and surgical conditions currently covered under private health plans. (Join Together Direct- March 25, 2001)


Local News

    CORI Public Health Council April 24th Deliberation to be Rescheduled!

The  April 24th Public Health Council deliberation will be rescheduled. May 22nd is a possible new date. Note: The ultimate deliberation lies with Executive Office of Health and Human Services. 


  License for Alcohol and Drug Counselors Hearing Process Begins Soon

The regulation process calls for a Department of Public Health Council Hearing review.   Pending outcome, two regional public hearings are scheduled.


MA Legislation Proposals:

H2191   An Act Authorizing Certain Licensed Alcohol and Drug  Counselors  To 

             Receive Certain Insurance Payments,  Rep. Kevin Fitzgerald  and others


Insurance Committee Hearing held April 11th on H2191

Please know that all legislative proposals, (bills), must go through a legislative committee hearing process. H2191  went before The Insurance Committee. Testimony was given. Now….it needs a favorable report before it can go to either the House or Senate Ways and Means Committee.


Please Help: Ask your elected rep or senator for H2191 support and make it known to

Insurance Committee Chairs, Sen. Therese Murray and Rep. Ronald Mariano.

Send letters to The State House, Boston, MA 02133. Call legislators, 617-722-2000.



 S763/H2544   An Act to Provide Equitable Coverage for Substance Abuse,

also, went before the Insurance Committee.  It requires the same support.

 Info: David Matteodo, MA Association of Behavioral Health Systems, 617-855-3520.

Other Legislative Proposals to Support:

    H3364   A Treatment Diversion Act, expansion eligibility for treatment diversion under the 1981 Drug Dependent Persons Act. Call: Rob Stewart, 617-330-8777.

    S611   A Health Protection Fund-  taxes alcohol, funds treatment- Rep Marian Walsh

    BSAS Line Item 4512-0200 enhancement by $2,000,000 for women’s treatment services. Effort developed by SA Budget Coalition. Call: MHSACM, 508-647-8385

   Salary Increase for Counselors and Supervisors, Call: MHSACM, 508-647-8385

   Removal of TANF and Food Stamp Disqualification for Persons with Drug

        Felony Info: Call MA Law Reform Institute: 617-357-0700


    See you  May 2 –3:30, Faulkner Hospital - Maryanne Frangules, 617-298-1262