Massachusetts Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors

        PO Box  741                                                                        Ware, MA 01082


                                               June 6, 2001                   


MAADAC Announcements:

hMAADAC Website: http://www.-maadac.

hMAADAC  Golf Fundraiser, July 23rd.  Go!!  Shaun Kelly in charge!

hMAADAC President will be Russell Viveiros,  July 1st

hMAADAC Legislative Chair will be Tom Delaney, July 1st


Local News

MA Legislation Proposals:

H2191   An Act Authorizing Certain Licensed Alcohol and Drug  Counselors  To 

             Receive Certain Insurance Payments, Rep. Kevin Fitzgerald  and others


Present Status

H2191 is still in The Joint Insurance Committee. It needs a favorable report before it can go to either the House or Senate Ways and Means Committee.


Please Help: Ask your elected rep or senator for H2191 favorable status support and

make it known to  Insurance Committee Chairs, Sen. Therese Murray and Rep. Ronald

Mariano.  Send your requests for support to your legislators at The State House, Boston,

MA 02133.  Call the State House at 617-722-2000 to be connected to your legislators.



      S763/H2544 An Act to Provide Equitable Coverage for Substance Abuse,

also, went before the Insurance Committee.  It requires the same support as above.

Info: David Matteodo, MA Association of Behavioral Health Systems, 617-855-3520.


      The MA Senate Passed Substance Abuse Services Line Item Increase  

Thank your district senator for support to increase Bureau of Substance Abuse Services Line item 4512-0200- by $3 million for 3 family treatment residences with childcare, plus expand transitional support and residential services. The House rejected this move.  It now goes to Conference Committee between the House and Senate to compromise. Make your support known. Project ABLE, Mental Health Substance Abuse Corp (MHSACM),

Recovery Homes Collaborative, MA housing and Shelter Alliance are leading this move. 

More Information?  Please call:  MHSACM, 508-647-8385.


     Attempt to Amend The CORI Regulations as Outside Budget Amendment

Support advocates are attempting to change CORI language, as an outside section to the Senate proposed budget. The goal is to give the employer the hiring authority.  Please ask your Senator to support outside amendment #14 to EOHHS line item 4000-0100. Senator Jajuga is sponsor. Info: Call MA Law Reform Institute: 617-357-0700.

      Removal of TANF & Food Stamp Disqualification for Persons with Drug Felony

Info: Call MA Law Reform Institute: 617-357-0700.

Other Legislation

      H3948, Expansion of Scope of Commonwealth’s Drug Treatment Program funded by

 fines and forfeitures relative to Drug Offenses, (Rep. Kevin Fitzgerald).  Expands drug treatment diversion  under the 1981 Drug Dependent Persons Act.  It is in The Judiciary Committee   Chairs are  Representative David Donnelly and Senator Robert Creedon. Please call:  Rob Stewart, 617-330-8777.

       S611   A Health Protection Fund- (Senator Marian Walsh) taxes alcohol, funds treatment. It is in The Taxation Committee and Public Safety Committee.  Senator Walsh is Chair, as is Rep Paul Casey.  Public Safety. Chairs are Senator James Jajuga and

Rep Tim Toomey. A very moving hearing was held May 22nd with many advocates.


                        NAADAC, The Association for Addiction Professionals

 Conference 2001                         Portland, Oregon                             May 25th – 28th


There were close to 700 people at this wonderful, exciting conference.

Terry Tafoya, PhD,  Native American, a researcher, touched our souls with a spiritual quest for a need to understand the culture of the ancestry of our country, and use it as a guide to understand the many cultures of recovery. 


We were energized by William White, author of  Slaying The Dragon, the history of

addiction treatment and recovery in The United States. He is moving history into the  present by studying the new addiction recovery movement, as it evolves. He cautions us to watch “our language”, as “labeling” enhances stigma. His work makes a historical      contribution to the addiction recovery movement..


CSAT Director Westley Clark highlighted the need to Change The Conversation: The National Treatment For Addiction Treatment.  The conference

was scheduled with many opportunities with “Research to Practice”  Workshops.


Government Relations Director, our own John Avery pushed the need to reach Congress. National Parity advocates took the opportunity to email their congressman and Senators via email. You can email your support, too. How?? Go to WWW.NAADAC.Org- !


Now NAADAC 2002 should be great because it is in Boston in early July. Regional Vice President Mary Woods and MAADAC’s James Gorske will chair!  What about a

National Addiction Recovery Walk along the Esplanade on or about July 4, 2001 ???


 I thank you for allowing me to President of MAADAC.  It has been exciting. As of  July1, 2001, Russell Viveiros becomes MAADAC President. He will be great!


 Play golf July 23rd, call your legislators, participate in Recovery Month activities!



      Sincerely Yours- Maryanne Frangules- 617-298-1262