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                                               July 11, 2001                   


MAADAC Announcements:

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hMAADAC  Golf Fundraiser, July 23rd.  Go!!  Shaun Kelly in charge!

hLADC Regulation Draft Approved for DPH Regional Hearings

hRecovery Month 2001-State House Celebration- September 26- Please come!


Local News

MA Legislation Proposals:

H2191   An Act Authorizing Certain Licensed Alcohol and Drug  Counselors  To 

             Receive Certain Insurance Payments, Rep. Kevin Fitzgerald  and others


Present Status

H2191 placed in “active study” by  The Joint Insurance Committee. This means that the Insurance Committee will continue to review the proposed legislation. 

Two issues for extended study consideration: insurance premium costs and

finalized regulation. The committee wants to ascertain that mental health parity costs are minimal to insurance premiums before any other insurance related legislation is passed.

The committee wants to review the finalized license regulation.

FYI: On June 26th, The Department of Public Health Council approved the license regulation draft for public hearing. The Department of Public Health will schedule, two regional hearings for public comment in late August or September. Pending outcome will determine when regulations are put into effect. If you want a copy of the regulation draft, please call-The MA Bureau of Substance Abuse Services, Michael Parks, 617-624-5155. 


Please Help:  Keep the momentum going If  your elected rep or senator helped

support H2191~ please thank them, and ask for continued support. Please thank

Representative Fitzgerald for leading the effort. Please thank Insurance Committee

Chairs, Sen. Therese Murray and Rep Ronald Mariano for being willing to extend the

review.  Send your letters to The State House, Boston, MA 02133.  Call the State House:

617-722-2000 to be connected to your legislators.


Support Needed  for the Following to Pass in Budget Conference Committee

The Conference Committee resolves the differences between the House and Senate

versions of  the Budget. House Conferees are Ways and Means Chairman John Rogers of Norwood, Representative Nancy Flavin of Easthampton, and Representative John Lepper of Attleboro.  Senate Conferees are Ways and Means Chairman Mark Montigny of New Bedford, Senator Fred Berry of Peabody, and Senator Michael Knapik of Westfield. If   aforementioned are your district legislators- great.  If not, you can still contact them and your elected legislators.

                                So Please ask for The Following to be Passed

        The MA Senate Passed Substance Abuse Services Line Item Increase  

Bureau of Substance Abuse Services Line item 4512-0200- by $3 million for 3 family treatment residences with childcare, plus expand transitional support and residential services., as passed in the Senate.   Project ABLE, Mental Health Substance Abuse Corp (MHSACM),Recovery Homes Collaborative, MA Housing and Shelter Alliance are leading this move.  More Information?  Please call:  MHSACM, 508-647-8385.

        The CORI Regulations as Outside Budget Senate Amendment to

Executive Office of Health and Human Services Line Item 4000-0100  towards giving the employer the hiring capacity. Please thank Senator James Jajuga for leading this move. The requirement is proof of a CORI review with oversight from the appropriate agency within EOHHS, Executive  Office of Health and Human Services. Current policy disallows many persons who have made restitution from most felony crimes to enter the human service field, as in alcohol and drug counseling.

Info:  MA Law Reform Institute:617-357-0700.

       Removal of  Food Stamp Disqualification for Persons with Drug Felony Senate

Version  to  Line items 4401-1000 (ESP)  and Dept of Transitional Assistance 4400-1000 

The Senate FY02 budget includes language in ESP line item 4401-1000 making many   important improvements to the TAFDC program for non-exempt low income families,   

-              mandating DTA to offer screenings, assessments and referrals to TAFDC   

-              prohibiting DTA from  reducing funding for substantive pre-employment education and training programs & DTA must notify recipients of educational programs

-             requiring DTA to consider if a parent needs more time to complete training, thus       grant an extension of the 24 month time limit on benefits.

In addition, allowing ten hours of education and training to count toward the welfare to work requirement. Info: Call MA Law Reform Institute: 617-357-0700.


More Legislation to Support

       S763/H2544 An Act to Provide Equitable Coverage for Substance Abuse,

was placed into active study by The  Insurance Committee.   

Info: David Matteodo, MA Association of Behavioral Health Systems, 617-855-3520.

      H3948, Expansion of Scope of Commonwealth’s Drug Treatment Program funded by

 fines and forfeitures relative to Drug Offenses, (Rep. Kevin Fitzgerald).  Expands drug treatment diversion under the 1981 Drug Dependent Persons Act.  It received an extension from The Judiciary Committee.   Chairs are  Representative David Donnelly and Senator Robert Creedon. Please call:  Rob Stewart, 617-330-8777.

       S611, A Health Protection Fund- (Senator Marian Walsh) taxes alcohol, funds treatment. Taxation Committee moved it into active study. Senator Walsh is Chair.


National Legislative Proposals

 hVery Simple- Support National Parity for Addiction Treatment-

     Go to WWW.NAADAC.Org- Make your voice heard to Congress on line!

 hHR- 7 Charitable Choice as currently written makes no provision to adhere to

      regulatory treatment standards and promotes employment discrimination.  Not good!


 Help plan Recovery Month – August 1, 3:30 PM. ,Atrium 2, Faulkner Hospital


    MAADAC Information:  Call President Russell Viveiros,  978-458-4544

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