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                                                   October 15, 2000

MAADAC  Headlines


MAADAC  Holiday Breakfast-Save The Date- December 21st, The Radisson Milford,

Please send nominations for MAADAC  Counselor of  The Year –write a short summary of the MAADAC member’s  contributions to the alcohol and drug counseling profession,.    Send nominations to MAADAC, PO Box 741, Ware, MA 01082.


NAADAC, ATTC, NIDA, NIAAA, New England Research to Practice Symposium

November 2-4, Radisson Hotel, Merrimack New Hampshire. Call Betty Singletary at 401-444-1859, Saturday, - NAADAC  Northeast Caucus.  Don’t miss out!


License News

The Department of  Public Health License Advisory Committee met October 10th.  There has been discussion about the two tiered levels – one is an independent level, requiring a a masters degree, an alcohol and drug counseling curriculum concentration, practicum,   three year professional alcohol and drug counseling experience, and exam. The second level differs in that it requires no degree, and the recipient must be supervised. Grandparenting criteria, as currently interpreted, requires the same criteria, except that the examination is waived, if competency can be demonstrated in areas covered by the test. Concerns about the grandparenting criteria have met with diverse opinion.  If you have concerns  - please call me at  617-298-1262. You are important.

Please come to the November 1st MAADAC Region IV-VI meeting, too.


 National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month Celebration-

           September 27th, The State House,  was a success- thanks to you!

MAADAC Region IV/VI  held a Post Recovery Month Celebration October 4th!

Attendees: Amos Marshall, Carol Carey, Ruth Kelley, Tracey Williams Wright,

Greg Arsenault, Tom Delaney, Joe Kelleher, Lisa Clarke, John Avery, Ray Hoitt,

Rosemary Bonchez, Florence Harris, Nancy Galloway-Cooley, and Maryanne

Frangules reviewed the significance of  Recovery Day, by the demonstrated unified support for  adolescent addiction recovery support services. Added was the power of  young adults, their parents-who shared from their hearts what worked-available services, peer support, and the strength of  hope for recovery, by the experience of those who live it.  Our special guest, Bureau of Substance Abuse Services Director, Mayra Rodriguez-Howard shared that  DPH Commissioner Howard Koh’s Interagency Working Group on Youth- comprised of the government agencies are   communicating about bridging gaps to avail recovery services to youth and their families.  That most were present Recovery Day, and shared their concern was very positive. It is important to keep the impact of  Recovery Day alive. So MAADAC  will work with MOAR , and other concerned groups in the spirit of recovery. And—we wished Mayra a very positive experience in her new Executive Branch position. We will miss her!


Another Success – The Cape Cod Symposium on The Addictions,10/5 to 10/8-  

Thanks to Fred French and The Retreat Center. NAADAC Executive Director, Bill McColl, welcomed attendees to join NAADAC, which gives you state affiliation.

Membership gets you The Counselor Magazine, Legislative Alerts, Discounted Liability Insurance, and Conference rates. It is a great way to really feel energized by connecting with other addiction professionals, and feeling up to date on major addiction recovery issues. MAADAC and NAADAC sponsored the Saturday Luncheon. We had an informal MAADAC meeting with members and prospective members. It was great!


Great Opportunities to have Fun and Do a Good Deed!

   iFaxon House Recovery Center has to Move!  Please help!

    “An Evening on Broadway” November 1st, 6:30 PM, a Fundraiser and Funraiser!

     Call Faxon Recovery Center’s Executive Director, Shawn Sheehan, 617-472-8060.


  iRyan House Benefit, a fundraiser for this women’s recovery home, which is being

      rebuilt due to a fire.  Help Ryan House and enjoy The Stompers with Mamadou Diop

      & th  Jolole Band & The John Macey Band

    December 4th, 7:30 PM, Salem State College- Theater,

    Call Cab Health and Recovery Services for information: 978-739-7687


Now Make Voting Day- November 7th – A Success!  Your vote is important!

Presidential Election- Although no candidate has made alcohol and drug addiction      recovery policies – a proactive priority.  Please review their histories- and vote!


   State Ballot Questions – 4 and 6 – Offer Cuts in Taxes and Tolls,  and

   CUT healthcare services, inclusive of addiction treatment services.

          So- You might strongly  consider voting  NO!

   Question 8- Puts Drug Forfeiture Money and Items into Drug Treatment Funds

          So- You might strongly consider voting YES!


i The Challenge of  Question 8 –A Discussion with Judge Robert Ziemian, David

     Mulligan, Boston Health Commission, and Professor Eric Blumenson

     October 26th, 7:30 PM, Boston College,  Sponsored by NASW.

     MAADAC is a co-sponsor. Questions:617-227-9635 x 11!


For More on Question 8 – hear from The Coalition for Fair Treatment a’la Rob Stewart., and an opportunity to discuss licensure- and earn a 1 hour credit with cookies!

Please come to the next MAADAC Region IV/VI meeting, Wednesday, November 1st,

4:30 PM, Atrium II, The Faulkner Hospital, Jamaica Plain.



                                                            Maryanne Frangules-MAADAC President





















NAADAC Northeast Addictions Research Conference, 11/1 to11/3-Nashua, NH


MAADAC Thanks Brandon Residential Treatment Center, for contributing total postage costs for this month’s mailing----through Marilyn Feldman’s initiative.

                  Please review the Brandon Treatment Center Career Opportunities!





                    National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors

                               24th Annual Conference on Addiction Treatment

                           Denver Marriott Tech Center  ~  June 28-July 1, 2000


The Highlights !


Mel Schulstad Professional of the Year-Dr. Michael C. Watson (SC)

Laura Roe Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor of The Year-George P. Joseph (TX)

Bill Callahan Award-Joseph A. Giannatonio II (CA)

Special Award for Explanatory Journalism-Eric Newhouse (Great Falls MT Trihune)

NAADAC – The Association for Addiction Professionals-

is going to be the official name for our association.  The victory was a landslide- something like 2500 in favor, 300 opposed.  There are close to 17,000 members in NAADAC----so if you were opposed, and did not vote---a lesson learned.

Keynote Presentation:

“Substance Abuse Treatment Dot.COM: New Approaches in a New Era” ,

ala Simon Budman,Ph.D,  Innovative Technologies, Newton, MA. 

This presentation emphasized the role of computer science in addiction counseling. Yes—improved ways to do research, utilization review-----but how about an Internet  

Robot that does intakes and does the compilation of all data.  Yes,  thought provoking!

What’s New:

     President Mark Gallagher moves on to Immediate Past President. He has served us very well.  Bill Burnett from New Mexico is our new president.

    Bill McColl, is  now NAADAC’s Executive Director. Bill has been a great Government Relations Director.  Cathy Hilliou is the new Affiliate Relations Manager!   

    John Avery, Political Action Committee Chair, ( and MAADAC Member) hosted a successful PAC Breakfast-collecting necessary funding for congresspersons campaigns, who strongly support alcohol and drug services. We need to support them.

   NAADAC Northeast Vice President Mary Woods (New Hampshire) will continue in her position for the next two years.  Mary is a true leader and knows we will make the November NAADAC Northeast Conference great!  

Thank You:

    It was an honor to represent MAADAC—and feel energized by the coast to coast networking of addiction professionals. This experience made me want to encourage all addiction professionals to become involved on the national and state levels-build membership- from regional representation to national leadership. NAADAC membership is an opportunity to build a voice professionally and politically. MAADAC attendees:

John Avery, Laini Sporbert, Dan Heenan, Simon Budman, Emil Chiauzzi, and MAADAC Conference Scholarship winner-Phil Rugo encourage you to come to Portland, Oregon next year!.  Guess what – NAADAC 2002 is in Boston! Wow!


                                                                                             Sincerely Yours,

                                                                         Maryanne Frangules,, MAADAC President